segunda-feira, outubro 16, 2006

Camp. Mundo MURCIA2006- Treino Italianos

The Italian team is doing some pre world meet prep in Rimini, at the rink of (and named after) Patrick Venerucci. Reportedly the entire team is there working together with their trainers and team officials. In other Italian news, world no.2 pairs team Andrea Barbieri & Irene Nardo will NOT be competing at the championships in Spain, a blow to all the fans of this amazing couple, however if its any consolidation, both will compete in singles though. Pictured left, the home of Venerucci - inside is a state of the art venue with a massive wooden floor, mezzanine level with gym, offices, change rooms, expandable seating and adaptable for other sports. Kristen Slade and I visited the rink last year in July and had a skate there, and its amazing.. Oh, & only 3mins walk from the beach!


Anonymous Anónimo said...

vejam estas instalações.
em portugal vivemos no sub-mundo.
a patinagem artistica só treina nos horários q ninguem quer.
assim não vamos a lado nenhum.
tenho dito!!!!

12:13 da tarde WET  

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